Frequently Asked Questions / I am commonly asked

How long do points stay on your record?

Generally points remain on your record for 2 years from the date of conviction

How many points can I receive before my license is suspended?

In most cases your license will be suspended at 12 points

How long does a ticket stay on my record?

Most common tickets stay on your record for 7 years

If my ticket carries 0 or no points is it still placed on my driving record?

For many, but not all violations, a 0 point violation can remain for at least 7 years

Can an attorney really help you fight your traffic ticket?

Yes, in many cases tickets can be lowered to 0 point infractions that do not appear on your driving record. This however, depends on many factors that an experienced traffic attorney can explain to you.

My driving record is poor. Should you still fight your traffic ticket?

Even with a poor driving record, an attorney experienced in traffic law can, in many cases, but not all, negotiate an agreement which may lower the offense and/or points

I have a traffic ticket which provides that if I pay the fee and pass, for one time only, I can avoid the points and keep the information from being sent to the insurance companies. Should you take this course or fight your traffic ticket?

Since this is a one time only offer, a permanent record of this offense will be kept somewhere. How private that record stays remains to be seen and only time will tell. Furthermore, the ticket is still placed on your record for the courts to see. One of the best and key factors, for successfully fighting your ticket is to start with a good or clean record. Having a ticket visible on your driving record can reduce your chances of keeping your next citation off that record. You still have to pay court fees or fines, and you still have to pass the training course! One further note: a probationary driver can still be sanctioned for the ticket, even if they pass the course!